back to article T-Mobile US increases pressure on rivals with fondleslab freebie

Wireless carrier T-Mobile US is stepping up its 'Uncarrier' campaign in America with the introduction of a contract-free plan which discounts LTE tablets to the same cost as Wi-Fi models. The company said Thursday that starting 12 April it will be offering users 1.2GB free data for the year and price discounts on LTE-equipped …


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What's this? Actual competitive practices in the land of the free market?! Unheard of.

Good on them. There are probably ways* this could harm the consumers, but so far it's looking good!

*more cynical people will point them out I'm sure :)


They still won't let you get just a data plan. I tried, but they won't sell that by itself. I have no idea why. I ended up going with one of those cut rate pay as you go companies instead.

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1.2Gb free data for a year WTF

They really must think that people are idiots.

At 4G/LTE speeds this will be gone in minutes.

As usual for US Carriers, they totally miss the point of mobile data. They are more like Ostriches with their famed head in the sand attitude than Carriers.

mind you EE on this side of the Pond is not that much better.


Re: 1.2Gb free data for a year WTF

No, it's actually 1.2Gb per month, not per year as stated in the article.

Still, that doesn't seem like a lot of data if you want to do anything like stream video. And I still don't buy the whole "you need a separate data plan for every device you own" thing. My phone is a hotspot (even if I have to pay a little more for it, which I still think is absurd in it's own right), I can get all the mobile data I need on my wifi-only devices that way.

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