back to article Biz PC market's looking healthy – but is it just an XPocalypse bounce?

PC suppliers are pondering if the mini recovery in commercial IT spending is sustainable or just a Windows XPocalypse-related flash in the pan. Under the shadow of Microsoft ending support for the 13-year-old OS, sales of business desktops spiked 26 per cent in Q4 2013, year on year, and sales into the channel improved in this …


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Paris Hilton

PC market doubts

If the Dell OS on a stick ecosystem with PC on a stick provided you bring your own keyboard, mouse, monitor and wires is cost effectively doable then there is and will be new urgency in PC market.

If not, I can't imagine people queuing up to get a PC.

Silver badge

Landfill Tax

PCs are not as bad as mobiles. I've a whole drawerful of good mature working phones that are really superfluous to need.

But this week's event has had us looking hard. Kubuntu is the weapon of choice. We even took out our last Vista and did it fly under the big K. Trouble is we still have working PCs without PAE support. Do we revert to 12.04 or one of the specialist non-pae distributions (the first two I tried just didn't cut it).

Which goes to show that hardware just goes on and on. And that's what we want with the software. i mean most business computing hasn't really changed in ten years. That's why XP is just what we need. Shame to create landfill. Its the companies that pay the tax - which really ought to be MS as they are the folks causing much of the problem.

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