back to article Turnbull leaves Australia's broadband blackspots in the dark

Australians without broadband are no closer to being able to understand when, or if, the nation's National Broadband Network (NBN) will make fast data connections available, after Australia's Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull issued a new Statement of Expectations document to NBN Co, the entity charged with building the …


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Yet another broken promise

to add to the list.

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Firmly stuck in "Opposition Mode"

They are making this crap up as they go along. They appear to be rudderless.

They have no intention of creating a contemporary NBN, let alone one for the near future.

This current LNP mob only seem to understand being in opposition mode, this is one of Abbott's greatest weakness.


Politics triumphs over reason - again!

Having been appointed to kill the NBN for purely political reasons Malcolm has been trying to pretend that he had an alternative which was cheaper and at least as good. He is surely not foolish enough to believe the nonsense he has been coming out with.

Australia has lost an opportunity to actually have a nation wide fast and reliable network. What is going to happen is a mess of half hearted, half baked non solutions including forgetting about those in difficult or not commercially attractive areas. So much for a PM who claims to wants to be remembered for his contributions to infrastructure. That must be difficult for a man who is technically illiterate.


Re: Politics triumphs over reason - again!

You are, of course, allowed to roll your own network at your own expense. You can have any speed you care to pay for.

Not interested unless the taxpayer does it for you? Thought not.


Re: Politics triumphs over reason - again!

Can we assume that you only drive on private roads and have your own military too?

Some things are best done in the public sector, many are not but some are. Tony knows that too.

We are all the taxpayer it is not just you.


Re: Politics triumphs over reason - again!

We can all build our own roads, teach our own kids, become our own health practitioner, defend our own home. Why then does the gov't offer these or practically any social service at tax payer expense?What glib comment about rolling out your own NBN. The fact is if we gain economies of scale and do this as a whole it will be cheaper than doing the last little stretch alone paying through the nose. But don't let this stand in the way of ideology, politics or a business mates profiteering. There must a lot of people whose itchy backs are well on the way to being soothed.


Worried about NBN not lack of it

Its all Hype, Smoke and Mirrors.

There is a reason that the Libs make the insult 'You've been drinking the NBN coolaid'

Tasmania is one of the most NBN connected areas. We have fibre to the node in some areas NBN via wireless in others and NBN via satalite...

It has been a poitically motivated roll out. The fibre is a passvely shared network. I forget if it was 16 or 32 premesis that share the one fibre. They essentially deliver 3 strands to allow for future upgrades in a way that doesnt take you off the network. But still its a party line. When the neighbours endpoint fails in the right mode its going to leave a lot of unhappy customers.

Fully subscribed your bandwidth will be 80Mb (assuming no communications overhead)... Which is a lot, and technicaly possible to upgrade, but given the headache of the fibre rollout I cannot see it EVER being upgraded. 6% of lucky subscribers may be able to have their fibre upgraded to a point to point connection. Could be cool.

Cost for access? yes unless your Aunt Dorothy you'll be paying more.

So it sounds fast, has the ability to be upgraded, so whats the problem?

Well we have all experienced dodgy mobile phone connections. Wireless NBN will provide take out your old copper and instead give you VOIP over the wireless... Nervous yet?

How about satelite? VOIP over that anyone? Suddenly the concept of removing your old phone services and leaving you with a layer 2 connection port to your service provider suddenly sounds like you've just had a run in with IT on an evangelical agenda.

And we have seen agendas play out. Telstra dragging its heels, scares of asbestos stopping all work, across the state. Electrical Trades Union bignoting itself. Thats locally, wont mention conroy and underpants or lack of spectrum, satalite slots etc.

The wife has an accountancy practice in central hobart. We are having the copper disconnected in 6 months. The second round of dissconnections. The first round will be in may. Telstra are at this point in time UNABLE to process orders to have our data and voip service transefered from copper to the NBN (digital business). There is at minimum a 6 week delay between placing an order for the NBN and it being delivered. Oh n those cutoff dates are set in stone. The way out is to have a contract with Telstra saying your moving to their NBN, but as of last week you couldn't place an order.

Going to see someone with satelite NBN tomorrow, he is very unhappy with his broadband. Said voice was impossible, long delay then echo. Guess I'll see if my fears are true.....


Re: Worried about NBN not lack of it

"Fully subscribed your bandwidth will be 80Mb ". while this may seem true, if everyone on the same GPON as you choose 100MB connections and run them at max speed 100% of the time, any area that this happens to will have the 2.5G GPON removed adn a 10G GPON installed. Given this is a switch like box in the exchange upgrading is trivial.

"Cost for access?" Current NBN pricing is less than what I pay. Have you even looked at NBN prices??

"dodgy mobile phone connections" Talk to Telstra/Optus as the NBN is not supposed to fix this issue.

"How about satelite?" Not sure what you are on about here. Satalite users keep their copper connection. Not to mention most satalite users would be too far away from an exchange to have a copper connection.

"Telstra dragging its heels, scares of asbestos stopping all work, across the state" This is typical Telsra. Do you seriously think they will roll over for a FTTN build that NEEDS thier copper network in order to function. The asbestos was real as I have seen some of the pits. So long as the sheets are not broken then there is no issue. but some were broken and this was not discovered until remediation started.

"Telstra are at this point in time UNABLE to process " Telstra issue. Change providers you can do this now that Telstra dont own everything.

"satelite NBN" Using satalite phones you have this issue. This is because of the distance between yourself and the satalites up in space. The technology used in the new NBN statlites actually has a quicker road trip as the switching gear both locally and on the satalite use better algorithms.


the NBN is corrupting a deeply corrupt country to ridiculous heights.

As someone who has worked for a dozen telcos, and in many senior roles I am privy to much information that no one else here has access to. To avoid a ten pager here are my comments.

1. Whether it be ALP or Liberal the NBN isn't about giving Australia a next-generation leading edge communication network its about immense corruption and profit making. The question for the political parties and their respective corporate/union benefactors is who actually profits out of this.

2. the ALP plan was careful crafted to ensure that individuals benefited greatly. Various general manager and head's of roles were given to ALP stooges in Eddie Obeid like branch stacking - these roles were highly paid, $300-$500k, plus bonus. I know this because a close friend who works for NBN in a senior role explained how the NBN was hobbled from communicating to the public and instead all communications were careful crafted, marketed and timed for maximum political benefit.

3. The liberals aren't any better. The LNP announced 2016 they would deploy a large amount of the network, and although they are embarking on sneaky lawyer's tricks (i.e. remove any written requirement for this) they have nonetheless made it clear to the market that they will buy any bullshit hodgepodge solution if it gets them the headline "LNP delivers NBN 2016".

For the media have swallowed hook line and sinker the claim TPG are "deploying" a Fibre to the Basement. When TPG purchased AAPT they scored hundreds if not thousands of buildings across the CBD's of every major capital city (apartment and office) connected to AAPT (All About PowerTel) fibre loops which in turn terminated into NTU's (Network Termination Units) in the basements of those buildings. (long story short but through corrupt dealing PowerTel scored an exclusive to lay fibre in power cable conduits hence massively reducing the cost of a fibre roll out). See AAPT was busy sucking dry its wholesale and Corporate customers with ridiclious priced Ethernet over fibre services.

TPG didn't "roll" anything out. They bought and will flip it for 6-10 times what they bought it for. Not only will the liberals do it because it wins them a great headline but it also means funneling more, public, funds to people who are liberal party supporters.

If I had money I'd be buying huge amounts of TPG shares right now.

The gold rush is on, watch as a number of dodgy providers out there try to hobble together bullshit xDSL solutions that supply above the min 25/1 mbps throughput.

4. My final point is this. You would be foolish and naive to believe the ALP or LNP actually give a shit about your internet speeds. These people are businessmen who want power and money. They are deeply corrupt and are dealing with an industry full of criminals.

Being privy to wholesale and carrier pricing I can say for sure that the public are being utterly ripped off. The margins for traffic off of akamai is ridicilious (we're talking 10^9). These crooks are deeply corrupt and there is no way that the NBN in its purest form will ever be delivered.

I think King Nebuchadnezzar said most aptly: "I have dreamed a dream... but now that dream is gone from me"

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