back to article PRIVATE: Expansys prez quits as Dragons' Den-izen Jones takes gizmotailer off market

Biz celeb Peter Jones, who moonlights as a board member at gadget etailer Expansys in between edgy appearances on TV's Dragons' Den, has confirmed that his company's Euro president is to depart. Longstanding exec Frederic Pont has resigned and is due to stand down at the end of the month, Jones told us, during a momentary …


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  1. Phil W

    nasty boy?

    I wouldn't have said he was any nastier than the rest of the rich bastards successful business moguls on Dragons Den.

    Like the rest of them he's charming when he likes them/their idea or thinks he'll make money and rather less pleasant when he doesn't like them/their idea or if their investment request is ludicrous.

  2. pacman7de

    Peter Jones investment strategy ..

    I've noticed that whenever Peter Jones is interested in investing, he first totally trashes the idea and then persuades the investee that he (Peter Jones) is doing him ( the investee) a favour in investing in the business ..

This topic is closed for new posts.

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