back to article Huawei rakes in £2 BEEELLION in profits

Chinese tech success story and NSA spy target Huawei has seen profits jump by a third over the past year to 21 billion yuan (£2bn) on the back of strong growth from its enterprise and consumer businesses. The Shenzhen-headquartered firm cemented its place as one of the Middle Kingdom’s most internationally successful …


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NSA and GCHQ - HuaWei's ...

best marketing / sales scheme ever devised!

Mind you Obama shouldn't be forgotten for all the lies he spouted on his world tour last year, either.


Re: NSA and GCHQ - HuaWei's ...

I am just now charging my Ascend P6 for the first time.

It was smooth sailing with Nokia for more than a decade but one has to draw a line.

Now i´m looking for a non Yank OS to get rid of Google. Tips anyone?

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