back to article Storage boxen-flinger Drobo: Our Q4 numbers were not that NASty

Glossy storage boxen flinger Drobo has "adjusted" its prices and snuggled up to partners and says it is experiencing a resurgent demand for its products. A new 4-bay product should benefit from that. Drobo founder Geoff Barrall returned to the helm at Drobo when his ConnectedData startup merged with Drobo in May 2013. While …


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.. and the UK price is.. (drum roll please)

£379 from DABS..

£378 on eBay..

Well, what did you really expect!

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Too expensive and limited, like most off-the-shelf NAS,

I'll keep building FreeNAS 64-bit ZFS boxes, even if some firmware like 9.2.1 to are borked; in part, because the Samba 4 dev.'s /still/ don't get concurrency, and why dogmatically saying no to Threads is f'ing brain-dead!

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