back to article Did Russians frame Ukrainian hacktivists for alleged leak of 7 million credit, debit cards?

Self-styled Ukrainian hackers are bragging they dumped millions of stolen credit card numbers online – but the claims may simply be a political smear job amid tensions between Russia and the West. A group calling itself "Anonymous Ukraine" boasted this week that it is in possession of 800 million credit and debit card details …


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Evidence points to ...

Ukrainians? Perhaps, but too easy. Where's the intrigue in that?

Russian-speaking Ukrainians? Ditto.

Russian-speaking Ukrainians who support their twice-elected president and would prefer Moscow-rule to Kiev-rebels-backed-by-***-knows-who rule? Ummm ... ditto.

Actual Russians? Well, er, ditto once again. Why would they leave such an obvious trail?

The true expert agents provocateurs are here in the West, and have demonstrated readiness to joe-job anyone who opposes them. Even when they get caught they retain almost-plausible deniability (the "Gay Girl in Damascus" was a lone maverick, he had nothing to do with us, Guv).

Hmmm ... Where's Snowden?

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That is the thing about IT, computers and the web.

Everything is so traceable, so accurate and so spot-on honest it is incredible.

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