back to article Amazon 'not interested in price matching everybody' in the cloud

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are battling each other on cloud computing prices, but Amazon has said it will not match Google's new low, low prices. This is significant because on Tuesday Google dramatically dropped the prices of its mainstay storage and compute services to far below those of Amazon. Then on Wednesday Amazon …


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Anonymous Coward


Eh? He said ' We're not interested in quote unquote price matching everybody '

So he said;

We're not interested in "" price matching everybody

That's semi-colon total gibberish ellipse

Did he do backslash pipe symbol bunny ears too?


Race to the bottom...

when you follow this type of race, the only end point is a shit-hole....

Whilst I am all for a free market economy, monopalistic moves like Googles are not a good thing... So once Amazon is gone, what happens to the price.

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