back to article SolidFire brings out new Carbon, says it'll make data centres more like clouds

Cloud all-flash array startup SolidFire has announced Carbon, v6.0 of its Elements operating system - claiming it is the "most feature-rich, enterprise-class all-flash storage on the market." For a quick review of SolidFire features read this previous Reg story and this one about its SF 9010 array. With the new v6.0 release, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Real time" replication?

    [AC as I work for a competitor]

    What exactly is "real time" replication? I watched the video on their website and they said that it's not point-in-time replication, neither did they say that it's sync (or async).

    So what is it, apart from a new marketing phrase?

    1. Dave@SolidFire

      Re: "Real time" replication?

      Generally, it would be considered async - it's real-time, but without waiting for the remote confirmation. We don't use "async" as that term is far from standardized - many vendors still call snapshot-based replication "async" (e.g. compellent) and other async schemes end up with large RPOs which isn't the case here. Semi-synchronous is sometimes used for this type of replication, but that is also not standardized and is even more confusing. Real-time replication was the best description.

  2. Cloud 9

    As Swift kick in the ...

    The thing I really liked about this release was the Swift compatible backup capability. This platform is really coming together. Be a good bunch of chaps and throw up some web 2.0 goodness on to Youtube showing some real world usage ...

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