back to article Google opens Docs and Sheets to tinkerers with new add-on APIs

In a bid to make its online productivity software more competitive with Microsoft Office, Google has announced that Google Docs and Sheets users can now install add-ons that bring new capabilities to their documents and spreadsheets. The online ad-giant launched the experimental new feature alongside a handful of preview add- …


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Yeah, that is something Google Docs sorely needs. We tried to use it for cooperative report writing, but since Google docs is roughly equal in capabilities to Microsoft Notepad*, everyone ended up writing in Word, pasting into Google docs (and then spending a lot of time trying to clean up the borked layout).

Simplicity for the sake of simplicity is not a good thing. Options are.

* I have since learned that Google Docs apparently have a lot of functions, they're just hidden from the user. You're supposed to use keyboard shortcuts, which are not listed or explained anywhere, can not be made visible, and are not equal to those you'd be used to from Word. Ribbon is bad, but hidden functions only available via secret handshakes is worse.


Google is hoping...

> that developers will latch onto the new add-on APIs and produce a whole slew of components that will help drum up interest in Google's web-based productivity suite

While developers are hoping that Google does not drop or modify out of recognition the API on which their development efforts have been founded, but have little assurance that this will not be the case, see RSS reader, Wave etc., passim.

On reading stories like this why do I get a vision of baited hooks?

Anonymous Coward

Referencing (captions etc.) and cross-referencing please!

Some bright spark should add the features in the title.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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