back to article China bans TXTing and Tweeting in Parliament

Delegates at China’s largely ceremonial parliament, the National People’s Congress, have been warned to keep their smartmobes firmly in their pockets during the annual ten-day snoozefest meeting. Such is the temptation to relieve the boredom at the Congress, which does little more than rubber-stamp decisions already made by …


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Biased Westen Reporting,

At least they understand the internet and how it works, which is more than can be said for the selfserving elite governing our land.


Re: Biased Westen Reporting,

the selfserving elite misgoverning our land.

There. Fixed it for you.


"In 2012, three ministers in Indian state of Karnataka were forced to resign after apparently watching porn on a mobile phone during a debate in the House."

If that's the worst they do, they have nothing to worry about.

I remember reading about a couple of guys in a Calcutta railway station who were watching a porn video on their work machines. And it would have been a non-event right there - if it weren't for the fact the monitors they were using at the time were routed to the timetable displays out on the platforms.

I tried to google for a URL of the news event, and found it had happened a number of times already. Some people never learn...

Anonymous Coward

Don't forget the Indonesian parlaiment guy

Who was seen watching porn during a session.

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