back to article RSA rebel conference TrustyCon sells out despite 'dirty tricks'

The TrustyCon security convention in San Francisco today has had a sell-out first show – which generated a $20,000 check for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. TrustyCon was organized following the decision by F-Secure's Mikko Hyppönen to pull out of the annual RSA conference in protest at the company's apparent complicity in …


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"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"

Looks like TrustyCon just stepped up to the plate.

Well done.

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"they would have to check with RSA first"

Sorry ? What kind of bull is that ?

Can there be any actual justification to that kind of response ?

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The title is too long.

"... a phone call this morning warning that the site was hosting a "protest conference," and warned the venue to beef up security for the show."

I read this article straight after reading the Snowden/Greenwald revelations about GCHQ's false flag and reputation destruction activities against people it doesn't like. So why am I not surprised?

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Want to see how the NSA cracked "elliptic curve cryptography"?

A fascinating YouTube series of what should be a totally boring subject is absolutely viewer/reader friendly.

Start here: < >.

Check out the whole series - truly mind grabbing.

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