back to article Cost-slashing Sony axes 1,000 workers and 20 stores in US

Sony Electronics announced that it will shut 20 of the 31 stores it operates in the US and lay off 1,000 workers – a third of its workforce. The entertainment giant said the redundancies are part of Sony Corp's wider cash-cutting program, which will axe 5,000 jobs worldwide and kicked off at the start of February. Back then, …


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I note that quite a few Sony shops in the UK (most of which were franchises I seem to recall) have also closed in the last few months.

Though to be honest even as a bit of a Sony fanboy I found their stores to be lacking in products on display. It's almost as if they didn't make AV amps or more than one BR player....

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Ours is the only place I have seen their new mid range surround sound receivers. But then we have lost all three of our home cinema / HiFi shops locally.

But then the previous SC franchise holder went bump and they were a well respected local company with multiple home electronic shops.

Hard market these days, and nowhere to test what you want to buy. How do I compare between the receivers in this price range, I now cannot.

RIP all of the home cinema specialists. And strangely we lost our last model shop due to the downstairs HC / HiFi / Photographic place shutting.

So if our SC shuts down we would have a city with no HiFi or Home Cinema shop at all.

They wonder why our town centre is so quiet, well where are all the shops?

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