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We get it. Whenever we do a Regcast that deals with moving your data to the cloud, you tell us that you can't move your data around like that. Performance, compliance, privacy, cost and reputation all matter, and they're all different for all of you. When you think we are too enthusiastic about moving data to the cloud, some …


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Anonymous Coward

That's Acuutech, not Accutech, for those of you wanting to check where these people are coming from before deciding whether or not to spend time on this webcast.

Another IT services supplier. Not an end-user, as the story strongly implies.


My data, my servers, my premises, my terms. Nuff said.



Dear Customer

We are sorry to have to advise you that our company is now in the hands of appointed receivers.

While you have been denied access to your data, I can assure you our receivers have safeguarded your account and will process your request to have it returned or transferred to another provider in accordance with the international guidelines on dragging our heels to maximise the pain.

I'd like to add, it is comments like this that have made the sheeple think twice about trusting the cloud and so we have fallen far short of the two billion customers we budgeted for and thus gotten into this financial difficulty, which clearly has nothing to do with our unrealistic projections and more to do with the mud slingers who would nit pick through the concept of cloud storage and hold it up as a disaster waiting to happen.

Your sincerely

Mr Cuckoo


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