back to article Toshiba new HG6 range REVEALS slimmest SSD module you can buy

Toshiba has refreshed its HG5d 2.5-inch SSD with the sixth generation HG6 range, expanding its form factors to include the thinnest SSD module available – at just 2.3mm. Toshiba next-generation high-performance client solid state HG6 series in multiple form factors... The HG6 range, which has received THNSN and THNSF …


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Anonymous Coward

Ram size matters

more to me than physical size.

When we can get 2TB (or more) SSD drives that fit in 2.5 in form factors then we will be going places.

128Gb is fine for web surfers but running VM's on top of SSD's really makes them fly.

Silver badge

Re: Ram size matters

I don't why you posted Anon...

But bang on... What's the point of thinner drives if the drive form factor is the same for all drives?

I agree the trend is to move towards RRAM and SSDs to get rid of the spinning rust.

We see this trend, but we don't see the cost dropping or density increasing as quickly as it could.


Yep waiting for a 2TB option here as well.

Got the samsung 840 1TB version and its great! Just need that extra space.

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