back to article EU hunts down online cross-border lawbook bureaucra-snaggles

The European Commission is to conduct an "in-depth review" of the risks present in conflicting laws and jurisdictions that apply online. The Commission made the announcement in a new communication it issued last week on internet governance. The Commission identified "a number of contradictory legal decisions" that have been …


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Anonymous Coward

this docu is important

as although Mr Moraes MEP is fighting away in the EP Snowden inquiry, his actions might eventually just be ignored. (after the similar 90's EP investigation into ECHELON - COM just said 'it's nothing to do with us')

in this referenced docu "COM(2014) 72" from THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, THE COUNCIL etc

blah blah blah

then "...revelations of large-scale surveillance programmes and a fear of cybercrime have negatively affected trust in the Internet. Taken together, a continued loss of confidence in the Internet and its current governance could slow down innovation and the growth of European internet companies."

this bit does make sense and is talking about GCHQ/NSA's loss of the plot & overcollection quite easily losing BEEEELIONS for the EU economy!

later, another good bit "The strength of the Internet lies in its open, distributed nature, based on non-proprietary standards which create low barriers of entry. The European Union has always been committed to the Internet as one single unfragmented space, where all resources should be accessible in the same manner, irrespective of the location of the user and the provider. This is especially so where they relate to human rights and some states, quoting security concerns, attempt to curb global connectivity of their citizens by censorship and other restrictions."

it'd be nice if the other half of the Commission would read and consider the wider economic and social rights points of view enshrined in this document. We sometimes get the feeling that CNECT/ENTR/RTD are on a different planet to HOME/JUST or vice-versa!

but what do you, world EU citizens feel about it?

email your thoughts on "COM(2014) 72" to the Commissioners?

Digital Agenda:


Justice, Rights:



Re: this docu is important

The EC often does this - write some document pontificating about the benefits of open whatever and then supporting legislation that does the opposite. When satellite TV was switching from analogue to digital, the EC released a document which rambled on about how multiple sound channels could be used to have EU wide channels with sound tracks in different languages, such that all EU citizens could watch the same rubbish/propaganda/content. However, they have supported media companies in maintaining national segregation of TV markets and even made it a crime for someone to crack TV encryption for channels which they cannot buy a subscription.

Big Brother

Oh noes - not an in depth review!!!!

The EU sets up yet another money sucking black hole of bureaucracy, decades long lawyer fest considered and weighty investigation into a vital and pressing matter.

Of course they could just ask Google what rules they would like and save all that time but that wouldn't keep the poor lawyers in champagne and yachts be accountable to the proletariat through the democratic organs of the state (might be getting my political horseshit a bit mixed here).

Hang on to your wallets taxpayers - this could get expensive.

Big Brother - membership open to lawyers and accountants only.

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