back to article Googorola's Dennis Woodside shuffles over to Dropbox

Googorola employee Dennis Woodside has reportedly been lured away from his role as chief exec of Motorola Mobility, ahead of its sale to Lenovo, to the newly created chief operating officer position at cloud sync and backup firm Dropbox. Woodside has been with Google for more than ten years and most recently headed up the Moto …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    perhaps he knows something

    which Google don't know, and Lenovo's bound to find out...

  2. CAPS LOCK Silver badge

    Fantastic news!

    He'll fix the fiasco that is 'The Dropbox Android client'. He's bound to, he's a genius.

  3. airbrush

    Great Guy

    Emailed him about my broken matrix screen, it had malfunctioned and within a week he sorted out a replacement razr hd. Pity Motorola couldn't be turned around because they gave it a good shot.

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