back to article Don't be afraid of our e-tool, public sector, CloudStore won't bite

Nearly two years into the CloudStore experiment and the government is still working out ways to motivate more public sector tech procurement heads to actually use the e-tool. As the end of January, a total of £92.6m has been transacted via the web catalogue that now includes an eye-watering 13,000 services from nearly 1,900 …


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Every time there's news story about CloudStore

it prompts me to give it another go. So I search for the kind of service I might procure as part of my job.

The results are either 0 or several hundred with only the most fleeting relevance to the search query and no useful tools to refine the search. Of those results, many are duplicates so, anecdotally, I would say a dedupe would reduce that eyewatering 13,000 to more like a thousand. It feels like suppliers have uncontrolled access to fill the catalogue with spam entries.

Is it a useful or usable tool? No - not even close. If this was the catalogue of a commercial e-commerce business, they would be bankrupt. As an exemplar of customer-centric, digital-by-default, it is absolute bollocks

Anonymous Coward

Re: Every time there's news story about CloudStore

I wish I could upvote you more than once.

Anon cos I'm a public sector drone who's forced to deal with crap like CloudStore on a regular basis.

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