back to article Google and Cisco sheath swords in patent-war deal

Google has signed another patent-licensing deal, this time with Cisco, signaling that it has had enough of the Great Patent War litigation frenzy – for the moment, at least. "Our agreement with Cisco will reduce the potential for litigation, letting us focus instead on building great new products," said Allen Lo, Google's …


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Anonymous Coward

It does seem like the Chocolate Factory is coming to its senses

Hang on, Google aren't the ones slinging patent crap constantly. That's Apple and Microsoft, both who were caught off-guard counting their mountains of money. Their only defence was lame patent games.

Google's purchases of patents were purely a defensive strategy against the patent scumbags...

A Little bit out of date, but still mostly relevant:

Silver badge

Has Google ever asked for royalties?

"The firm is still wedded to extracting royalties"

Wait, what? Are you confusing them with Microsoft or what? Google did continue the lawsuits started by Motorola, but you can hardly say they make it a business model...

By and large, Google is on the receiving end of those suits.


If Google, Samsung, Cisco and (maybe Lenovo, do they have a lot of patents?) all cross licence, they could very well achieve the critical mass of defences that would make even Apple and Microsoft hesitate to throw down in court.

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