back to article BT fattens up its sales thanks to hearty fibre+footy diet

BT's wholesale wing continued on its downward spiral during the one-time national telco's third quarter, with sales tumbling nine per cent to £589m from £645m a year earlier. The company's total revenue of £4.6bn for the three-month period ended 31 December 2013 saw modest growth of two per cent as some of BT's other business …


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  1. LOL123

    Lies, damned lies, and statistics

    This applies to accounting as well as numbers are massaged and reporting groups structured so that the wholesale division bears the brunt of "costs".

    No matter what happens, the wholesale division will be shown to be a poor performer, it would be bad for BT and weaken the case for government grants if it did well.

    If they take the grant money, they share the outcome no matter what the performance of the wholesale division.

    The question that remains though is how much of the grant go into "shared" "infrastructure" that the retail division needs for the footie and everything.

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    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Lies, damned lies, and statistics

      It's Openreach that gets the government funding for broadband, Wholesale is a different thing entirely.

  2. Da Weezil

    BT's "business case" for upgrades are flexible, My local exchange was deemed not worth ADSL2... until talktalk unbundled it, suddenly BT published an RFS date for the service previously stated to not have a business case here. I have a very cynical view about the BDUK fibre roll out.

    Time for the outdated requirement for a voice line to be binned too, Like many others I have no need for a BT voice service, so why am I forced to take it? I have no need to support the maintenance of voice equipment that I never use on my line.

    There is zero chance of my being blackmailed into taking BT broadband services in order to continue watching moto GP.

    BT have managed to turn me from a solid customer to one who wants as little to do with them as possible

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The sooner this shitty company dies off the better.

    Luckily the people running the NHS IT project has seen sense and has cut BT out of their future plans.

  4. xyz

    I've decided... stop giving BT around £25 pcm for crap , Zen £25 pcm for crap and Vodafone £15 pcm for crap and just go with a £28 pcm tethered contract with Three, which may also turn out to be crap, but at least it'll be cheaper crap and I won't have to ask my neighbours to switch off their Xmas lights or new DVD player to see if that sorts my problems, or waste my time playing BT call out poker every 6 months or so because their green cabinet is stuffed again. It's 2014 not 1994 and time for BT to die.

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