back to article DataDirect Networks is in a hole. Can its founders pull it out?

DataDirect Networks is struggling, The Register hears, with declining revenues and departed execs. Seagate buying Xyratex is the latest competitive threat and the firm is said to be retrenching its core HPC business. DDN denies this and, coincidentally, has recently hired itself a chief marketing officer for the first time, …


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  1. proto-robbie

    Oooh-er missus

    Miss Whiplash, Cynthia Payne and now Molly Rector, all names to stiffen the corporate resolve.

  2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    No IPO

    My contacts have told me in the past there's no way DDN is going to IPO anytime soon, I suppose the only thing that might change that is some sort of bubble like valuation, something so stupidly high that the owners couldn't pass on it.

    The owners have sometimes indicated towards IPO, sort of leading the employees on "work your ass off for the next year and we'll do good and probably IPO!" the longer term employees have seen that too many times and have long lost faith in that ever being a possibility. The owners are happy with their fast cars and bonuses and stuff they have what they want, unless someone offers them say multiple billions a piece I don't see them changing much of anything.

    The relatively poor quality of DDN (and other products in that space) I think keeps them from bumping up the margins on their products. I was (and am still) not well versed in their product lines but was talking to a former employee about a year ago who was a sales engineer(I think or maybe a sales rep, though he was a highly technical person) and he was telling me how much of their products are not designed for 24/7 operation, and that they expect you to have scheduled downtime to do maintenance. Some of their customers were not aware of that before purchasing and weren't happy when the time came. Honestly I was just shocked, I did not expect that for something that apparently has redundant components throughout.

    One of my friends over there tried to sell me on DDN a few years ago when we were buying storage for a new VMware build out. I have been 3PAR for many years.. I like the guy a lot he is great but there is no way I would touch DDN for what to me was a mission critical deployment even if he is a good friend.

    I remember being told the stories about their largest customer and how much they were buying back then it was pretty nuts(not gonna mention any names!).

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