back to article Singapore itching to hire new IT pros

Things are looking up for ex-pat IT pros on the hunt for jobs in Singapore, with confidence about growth levels in the city state’s technology sector through the roof, according to a new skills report. Recruiter Robert Half’s latest employment report for Singapore collected info from over 400 business leaders. It revealed …


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Yes, all well and good.

What this article does not state however, is that the vast majority of roles advertised on the open market clearly state that they are for local Singaporeans or Permanent Residents only, and a fair amount also require Mandarin fluency as standard.

To add further pain, most roles come with a maximum of 15 day annual leave per day, require you to work to a European or North American time pattern and work evenings, weekends and public holidays regularly.

The lack of decent benefits on top of this (very basic healthcare packages, no pension) mean that only if you are prepared to work on short to mid term contracts on a great rate, or have been relocated with your employer on a fat ex-pat package, then stay well clear.

(British IT professional, been searching for good roles here for 18 months)

This topic is closed for new posts.


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