back to article F-Secure's Hypponen leads RSA refuseniks to NSA-free infosec chatfest

It was probably inevitable: a group of RSA Conference refuseniks have established a rival conference within walking distance of the original. The one-day TrustyCon, to be held on 27 February at the AMC Metreon Theatre in San Francisco, has drawn Mikko Hypponen as its keynote, giving “The talk I was going to give at RSA”. So …


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So they're swapping one corporation that helped the NSA with another when it comes to funding? (Didn't Microsoft compromise Skype in order to make life easier for the spies?)


Boycott the USA

The USA is becoming quite the hazardous place for a security researcher. I still remember the Sklyarov affair. Most recently, Adi Shamir, the "S" in "RSA," has been getting a hard time procuring a visa to do his lecture tours in the USA. The American law allows the customs and immigration to be jerks at discretion.

I don't know what's a good place to have a security conference. This year, I guess TrustyCon needed to work around people's existing travel plans. But next time they should find some place safer.

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Sadly, it's probably a good idea to look at alternatives to the RSA conference

Not saying that it's a must, but a security conference that is run by a infosec provider that is alledgedly in league with sigint agencies might not be the best place to go to in support of trustworthy IT security offerings.

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