back to article HDS and Verizon pair up to take on Rackspace, Amazon in the clouds

Verizon’s public cloud, which we've already heard is to use Oracle's Database, is going to offer a storage service based on HDS’s Content Platform. The two suppliers have announced an agreement to develop a software-defined storage solution using HCP and HCP Anywhere. Verizon is huge, with, for example, 100 million retail …


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Is it the same craptastic Verizon Terremark that was unable to keep online?

You know, the one that was just terminated for being unable to fulfill its contractual obligation and kicked out, only to be replaced by HP's public cloud?

Not only that but considering Verizon's disgusting play with FIOS and especially that they just KILLED NET NEUTRALITY in the court I say to hell with ANYTHING that even remotely involves Verizon.


still it's an interesting partnership

see how it goes.

Verizon ? that'll be US based , right ?

Will they be investigating the same (type of) initiative in the UK ? you'd have thought so.

What about the others Chris... care to elab on those, for context ? EMC / IBM / HP .. et all.

ELreg always needs a bit of context , saves the stories looking too much like press releases without the names of the spokesperson(s).


HDS offers a cloud solution today using our HCP technology

Great article, Chris. And, through Hitachi Cloud Services, HDS already offers a cloud solution that showcases our HCP technology.

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