back to article Pakistani retail chain bakes DEEELICIOUS Android mobes

Pakistan could be about to get a delicious new domestic smartphone brand after sources close to retailer Gourmet Foods claimed the firm is planning an imminent launch in the mobile business. Those unnamed sources told TechInAsia that the food retailer is prepping a low-cost Java handset and an Android 4.2-based smartphone for …


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They sell food and so they can't sell computers too?

As opposed to Lyons Teashops, perhaps?


Interface Language

Wonder what language the interface will be in, (yes I am sad that that sort of stuff interests me !)

You have to love it when a country has two official languages, one English and the other Urdu which is the native tongue of less than 8% of the population.

Anyway best of luck with them doing this, would be nice to have a success story coming from Pakistan once in a while.


Re: Interface Language

Whilst Urdu is certainly not the mother tongue of the majority of the population (who speak regional languages) it is the lingua franca of Pakistan and commonly spoken / understood, similar to how Hindi is the lingua franca of India. Pakistan and India are homogeneous societies, so there was a need for a common language for use in official business aside from English.

Urdu and Hindi themselves ae two standardised registers of the same language and mutually intelligble.

Anonymous Coward

Well I have learned something today whilst you found a cure for insomnia!

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