back to article Fairfax shovels another $250m into buying BlackBerry debt

BlackBerry backer Fairfax Financial is set to buy another $250m of its convertible debentures, which should give the ailing mobile firm a much-needed shot in the arm. The companies said that Fairfax's generosity was part of an additional debenture option as part of BlackBerry's successful placement of $1bn worth of debentures …


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I think fairfax are gonna make a ton out their investment ... Event elReg is giving the BB devices good press now ... and the devices are really cool, if the new Jackarta device becomes a hit I am sure they will start selling it the world over.

Why ppl do not grab the z10 now is mystery to me, it is very well priced, now ... I have a z30 and never been as happy with a phone, feel like a real fanboy, yet really try to stay "neutral" - simply put, BB10 rulez.

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Why ppl do not grab the z10 now is mystery to me

Because everyone already has an iphone/Android/Win phone

BB lost serious ground to WP, first by releasing properly shit phones and then by releasing really good phones and making a dogs dinner of the advertisement and pricing.

Sure they're good now, but now is too late.

Now the boat has sailed.


Don't think this is a good idea. Sounds like someone has a bit of nostalgia about the 'good ol days'. You shouldn't base a business plan or for that matter attempt to by a business based on that.

I plumped for a Blackberry 9900 just over two years ago and its been a royal pain in the behind from day 1. I thought I had got lucky and lost it the other day but someone phoned my house and told my wife where it was! Never been so disappointed.

Ship has sailed, stable door shut after the horse has bolted etc etc

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