back to article Palo Alto Networks snaps up NSA-trained security company

Government-trained security company Morta Security has been snapped up by Palo Alto Networks for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition was announced on Monday and arms Palo Alto Networks with a company whose staff hail from the National Security Agency, US Army, US Air Force, and others. "The Morta team brings additional …


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Silver badge

"The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in the U.S. House of Representatives"?

So things have got so bad in DC that the Senate is spying on the House?

Try again, el Reg. The House and Senate are separate bodies.

As for the acquisition, hmmm. I'd like to hope that the merger will further real IT security, but these days I am a little skeptical about a firm stuffed with ex-NSA and military.

Anonymous Coward

What could possibly go wrong

"The company's technology developments ... benefits for our customers."

Who may not be the same people who paid for the equipment ...

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