back to article Australian Technologies curriculum to be published but not endorsed in Jan 2014

Implementation of Australia's Technologies curriculum, including the Digital Technologies stream that represents the nation's first attempt to put computational thinking in the classroom from Kindergarten to Year 10, is almost certainly on the back burner for several months. The Reg learned of the delay last Tuesday when we …


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total BS

" there has been broad consultation" and "it is appropriate to undertake the Review and listen to what the experts have to say"?

What, did they carefully avoid asking the experts during the broad consultation?

More likely, they need new experts to get the answer they want, something with a NBN flavour involving delivering something sub-standard that they can can convince 90% of clueless people is good enough and will have long-term savings while really only looking for savings during their government.


Re: total BS

I only disagree with the "language" you used.

There is absolutely no political win in implementing something "designed" by a previous government (unless that previous government was you).

Reading the stuff around this issue ... It certainly seems to quack like it is one, anyway.

(and yeah, NBNCo appears to be suffering - in part - from much the same thing).


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Follow the (no) money

The cynic in me says each of the STATE ministers has got an estimate from their Treasury how much this change would cost and has been told in uncertain terms the cash isn't there, don't sign up for anything !


at least 1 days inservice for several thousand primary teachers (each casual costs @ $300 per day)

at least 1 day each inservice for either year 7/8 core teachers or Design & Technology teachers

ensuring every school has enough computers (I have the only lab in the school with what is regarded as a class set (30))

network costs for aforementioned computers + a trained TSO in every school (or a coordinator on 1/2 teaching load)

replacing GP classrooms with computer labs (with the best will in the world we cannot take out a classroom to replace it with a lab we are chockers and management actually want to remove a small lab of 10 computers suitable for senior classes so they can put classes of 20 juniors in there)

I understand some states currently do not have ANY mandatory technology in years 7 & 8 (Tassie?)

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