back to article IBM follows Microsoft, Amazon into China with new cloud doodad

IBM is launching a cloud service hosted in a Chinese data center as Big Blue tries to pursue what it reckons could be a huge market – despite NSA revelations causing paranoia among some non-US data services punters. To do business in the Middle Kingdom, companies must partner with a Chinese firm, which may assuage concerns, …


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No Impact

Any repercussions of the Snowden/NSA issue(a) have already been felt, and unfortunately, but somehow predictably, nobody really cared, not even the countries we got caught spying on.

When you're setting up new services for foreign markets you'll already have commitments that offset any expenditures in getting them there. The deals are done, as soon as the service is available the contracts will be signed and the monies will change hands. It's that way in any industry and for any business that's been around for any length of time. IBM has certainly been in the game a while.

Even after the surveillance was exposed the only thing that changed were reductions in US demands in other areas on those who were impacted. IBM is already renegotiating the incomplete Chinese deals that were recently delayed and caused their recent losses. Those deals are within a few weeks of going back to an active state, they will happen.

This is the third time I've brought it up, but two top tier US IT companies already have preliminary approval to build and manage the new systems Brazil has proposed to keep Brazilian data in Brazil. The new setup is guaranteed to be open to the US government, how could it not be. I have no knowledge about Germany's current view on all this, but by the time the dealing and concessions are done I don't see them being any different than China or Brazil.

It's sad for everyone that greed has overridden national pride and leadership. The masses got screwed but, as usual, nothing changed. The big companies are doing the same things they've always done and governments are just selling out their citizens because they value the dollar more than any principals or ethics.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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