back to article Australia puts Digital Technologies curriculum in limbo pending review

The Australian Standing Council for School Education and Early Childhood, a body comprising the nation's education ministers, has shelved the nation's first Digital Technologies curriculum just weeks before it was due to be signed off. The Register has been told that at a meeting on 29 November 2013, recorded in this …


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Simon, you should know that nothing gets done in Canberra between now and Australia Day. Especially this year, with the pure blue sky, the roar of cicadas drowning out the traffic, and The Ashes back where they belong. It just feels like Christmas, and who's worrying about work?

Oh, and a Merry Christmas to the Vulture South crew!

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not unexpected

Quite in keeping with the colonial cringe of the local excuse for a ruling un-elite, to coin a crap phrase. How else can Oz remain a mere quarry and source of cheap cannon fodder for our foreign lords and masters if the population get an education? Now if the rubble of government would stop funding the creation of lawyers, economists and arts practitioners instead of trades education there may still be a future here.

Next move must be to implement the latest educational recommendations by pommie experts from mid 1950s and make secondary schools only accept elite students from the right addresses. Seriously, in one state at least this was policy. Strangely enough, that state is now very much an economic blackhole, despite a greenie infestation.


No big deal

Even if they had released as far back as August, no one would have been able to implement in 2014 anyway.

In NSW at least, it will be 2015 at the very earliest, possibly 2016, or more likely 2017.


Triumph of the ill (in the head)

We have a Luddite Prime Minister .... says it all really ....


Re: Triumph of the ill (in the head)

What does Tony Abbot have to do with this ? It was a meeting of ALL state ministers - I understand our Minister Piccoli (known to his loyal minions as Pinnochio ) is quite keen on the new curricula.

How about this little gem full of motherhood statements (naturally the same BS is in ALL the new curricula with just the name of the subject area changed) ...

In the Australian Curriculum: Technologies the priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait

Islander histories and cultures provides creative, engaging and diverse learning contexts for

students to value and appreciate the contribution by the world’s oldest continuous living

cultures to past, present and emerging technologies.

Students identify and explore the rich and diverse knowledge and understandings of

technologies employed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in past, present and

future applications. They understand that the technologies of the world’s first and most

continuous culture often developed through intimate knowledge of Country/Place and


Students identify, explore, understand and analyse the interconnectedness between

technologies and Identity, People, Culture and Country/Place. They explore how this intrinsic

link guides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in sustaining environments, histories,

cultures and identities. Students apply this knowledge and understanding within Design and

Technologies and Digital Technologies to create appropriate and sustainable products,

services and environments to meet personal, local, national, regional and global demands.

In this learning area, students explore how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’

capacity for innovation is evident through the incorporation and application of a range of

traditional, contemporary and emerging technologies and practices to purposefully build

and/or maintain cultural, community and economic capacity. Students apply this knowledge

and understanding throughout the processes of observation, critical and creative thought,

action, experimentation and evaluation.

The NEXT indigenous computer pioneer I hear about will be the FIRST !

This topic is closed for new posts.


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