back to article Don't want to get LOCKED INTO IBM's cloud? Um... IBM has a toolkit for you

IBM Labs software researchers have devised technology that moves your data between different clouds, public and private - including IBM’s own Softlayer product. It’s called InterCloud Storage (ICStore) and moves data securely. IBM says storing data on multiple clouds, private and/or public, helps guarantee cloud storage …


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A cloud of clouds

I'm quite sure that the suits are being adequately impressive about this technology. Redundancy and availability are sprinkled all over this.

But privacy and security ?

Absent, pure and simple.

Welcome to the future, where you can truly be shafted in multiple ways at the same time. Or asynchronously, if you prefer !

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Guessing in re: A cloud of clouds

I'm just hazarding a guess that you neither looked at the ICStore diagram, understand the implication of KVS BLOB storage across resilient, heterogenous storage, and the other facets glossed over but addressed in the linked IBM piece and two papers.

This actually looks very usable from my point of view, especially the base encryption and total isolation of ICStore clients from one another, as well as have a total separation of concerns surrounding the... wait for it... similarly isolated cloud databases. Of course, being a toolkit, the devil will really be in the details of the implementation by IBM and any other engineering firms you might involve. [And no, I wouldn't let a 'developer' anywhere near this.] The only niggling worry I have is around the metadata leakage just might weaken the overall encryption. Any information/energy leakage does this and perhaps having information about the KVS keys might present a hazard. I have to defer to the thorough experts on that issue.

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