back to article Chinese hackers targeted G20 in Syria-themed attack

A Chinese hacking group managed to penetrate the networks of five European Union member states in advance of last year’s G20 Summit in a likely bid to lift data on the Syrian crisis, according to FireEye. The security firm told Reuters it monitored the classic targeted attack campaign for around a week in late August 2012, …


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Questions, questions

When Reuters say "When recipients opened these documents, they loaded malicious code onto their personal computers. For about a week in late August, California-based FireEye said its researchers were able to monitor the "inner workings" of the main computer server used by the hackers to conduct their reconnaissance and move across compromised systems."

does this mean Fireeye were in the know about these breaches suggesting that they supply these five with a product ................that failed? Or were brought in after the breach (how likely?)

Or a supplier to these five disclosed information to Fireeye?

Or.....just journalist speak?


Nice try...

... tit-for-tat counter-accusation CIA, oops, I mean 'FireEye'. What a coincidence that this claim comes shortly after the Snowden material on U.S. spook-staff flooding the embassy in Canada on the G-20 summit there.

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