back to article Want to code for Google Glass in C#? Xamarin's got you covered

Cross-platform development tools vendor Xamarin has rolled out new components that allow coders to use its products to build apps for Google Glass. Xamarin, which was founded by Mono project creators Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman, offers tools based on the open source .Net clone that allow developers to more easily build …


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Linux, Sans Miguel

I'm surprised that Miguel "MVP" de Icaza is doing anything to help his master's rivals, now that he's gone over to the dark side.


Re: Linux, Sans Miguel

Remembering Gnome, I would say that he'd already gone over to the dark side far before he became an "MVP" ;-)...

That being said: all the better that someone is pushing for C# on non-Microsoft platforms. IMHO it really shines in areas where Java dropped the ball, so I'm all for it.

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Can't comment on "apps"...

... but for games, I have been very impressed with Xamarin - thanks to Monogame, porting my Windows Phone games to Android/iOS has been pretty effortless, save for a few snags on the former where I didn't have easy access to certain handset-OS version combos.

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