back to article Microsoft's new partner will TOUCH IT DOWN UNDER

Microsoft and the University of Melbourne have announced they'll spend the next three years working on natural user interface (NUI) technologies at the new “Microsoft Centre for Social Natural User Interface Research”. The $AUD8m facility is touted as “a focal point for researchers to undertake ground breaking research on the …


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Synthetic Touchy Feely - No thanks

I miss the days when social networking involved going down the pub to have a pint and simply chatting with whoever was there. Why does "social" have to involve gadgets...

I met up with my brother this weekend through a familly gathering, he is a farcebook user and he explanied to me how one of our cousins is extremely chatty with him on FB. The cousion keeps him up to date with all the family trivia etc....

Funnily enough when they met, face to face, in that same social event this weekend they didn't have a single thing to say to each other....

If it has to be tactile then shaking hands is fine, if it has to be written then handwritten letters are fine, if it has to be said then talking face to face is fine...

El Reg is the exception though as it is not really Social Networking, it's just the Reg.


Nice title

Micorsoft does need a good goosing up the rear end to stay relevant.

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