back to article IDC's explicit snapshot: Everyone who's anyone in object storage: In 3D

Analyst IDC has ranked object storage suppliers in a pretty 3D marketscape chart, and Cleversafe leads the pack. A marketscape chart, apparently, is a four-box diagram with wavy edges and overlapping boxes, labelled Participants, Contenders, Major Players and Leaders. It positions vendors on two axes; the upright one is …


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re. 3D

I tried wearing the bi-coloured plastic glasses but I couldn't see any 3D effect. Am I doing it wrong?



Thank you for your coverage of our report.

The use of (+)/(-) signs has been deprecated in IDC MarketScape documents going forward (optional in 2013, mandatory from 2014 onwards). Newer MarketScape documents such as the one you reference will not show these symbols next to the vendor's name.



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