back to article These lucky people get paid to play cyber war games

Some lucky infosec professionals will be taking part in a cyber war game designed to test the readiness of NATO countries to respond to "large scale cyber attacks targeting information infrastructures" in the pretty city of Tartu in Estonia. Cyber Coalition 2013, a three-day exercise which starts today, will involve staff from …


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  1. i like crisps

    All you really need is a bloke in a white vest...

    ...couldn't they just sit everyone down and screen Die Hard 4.0 then

    let them go home early?.....oh 'Carbon Neutral' will these

    war games be?.....what about Graphene could Graphene help in this


  2. jai


    Shall we play a game?

    How about a nice game of chess?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: WOPR

      actually the subeditors got the story wrong, it was Russian cybercriminals who smuggled cybervodka through a cyberhosepipe, which the sensible but cool people of Tallinn wouldn't touch! Luckily the cybervodka was good enough for sad-little Tartu!

      ps. isn't everyone fed-up yet of the NSA adding the verb 'cyber' to all other verbs - especially the verbs related to the us military-intelligence-complex false-flags - in the search for infinite funding for infinite space-time?

  3. denzil

    some geeks have all the fun :)

    and its "play host" not "pay host" :)

  4. btrower

    Take away their toys

    These people know or should know that the only reason cyber-warfare is even 'a thing' at this level is because they refuse to make the network properly secure.

    The problem those agencies have with a secure network is that it protects the network against *them*.

    We could have m of n voting to allow access to information so we could deal with pedophiles without compromising legitimate security.

    The only reason cyber-warfare like this is even possible is that the warmongers are in charge of the networks and have made an unsafe war zone out of our public networks.

    We can and I hope will move to a 'darknet' that makes it impossible to wage DOS attacks, to spy on people, to mount successful MIM attacks and eventually to even interfere with the infrastructure. We can help 'fast-track' this switch by making it illegal to wage war against the citizens of the network, including interfering with standards.

    Protect against SPAM and DOS by charging up-front for traffic and possibly refunding when the recipient acknowledges it was legit.

    Protect against spying by providing for genuinely effective encryption, encrypting all traffic, making routing distributed so compromised routers cannot compromise the network.

    MIM attacks don't work if the network is secure and proper encryption is in place.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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