back to article XBOX ONE and PS4, you'll make us RUN OUT of INTERNET

Web puritans Blue Coat are predicting that the end of internet days because of the release of Xbox One and rival PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. That's the stark message from a preposterous article - titled Will Xbox One and PS4 finally break the internet? - that reached our inbox on Friday morning. This had nothing to do with …


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  1. malle-herbert Silver badge


    So I can't check my email or browse the web because all those Xbox and Paystation A**holes are

    downloading patches for their consoles ?

  2. Mtech25

    I wonder if they ever heard the story

    Of the boy who cried wolf?

    1. LaeMing Bronze badge

      Re: I wonder if they ever heard the story

      Yeah, sueing him for IP infringement of their business plan is their fallback financing option.

    2. Ted 3

      Re: I wonder if they ever heard the story

      Ahhh, but this is the great thing about the doomsday prediction business. Do it often enough, and one day you will be right.

      From that day on, you will always be quoted as "the guy/company who/which successfully predicted the {insert crisis-de-jour} 1 month before it happened."

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    F.U.D. Marketing

    Is anyone reading it any different?

    Whatever....I ran out of internet the day Time Warner took over my ISP.

    1. Quantum Leaper

      Re: F.U.D. Marketing

      I know the feeling, I remember when my last ISP/Cable company left, and then Comcast took over. My Internet stink for weeks after that, it took almost 6 months to get back to where it was before Comcast took over.

  4. DougS Silver badge

    WAN optimization marketing VP claims problems ahead

    Solution: Buy a WAN optimizer from us!

    Like how he claimed there were "problems, but they weren't apparent" rather than manning up and eating his shirt when he lost that bet. So not only is he a slimy marketer, he won't even pay off on an honest wager.

  5. Comments are attributed to your handle

    Enough with the capitalization

    This is slightly off topic, but for fuck's sake, could The Register cool it with the capitalization (*) in the headlines? Go to the homepage right now and you'll see a majority of the headlines have capitalized words. You wouldn't go around bolding and underlining every other word, would you? Enough already! Use it sparingly, for when you actually have something that warrants it. Right now it just makes the site look like it's full of click-bait.

    (*) Capitilise and capitalisation, alternatively, for my friends on the other side of the pond

    1. Infidellic_

      Re: Enough with the capitalization

      You're fine with -ize as the Oxford English Dictionary actually uses z's instead of s and either form is considered correct:

      Whilst -ise may be more common it's a commonly mistaken belief over here that -ize is an Americanism

      1. Comments are attributed to your handle
        Thumb Up

        Re: Enough with the capitalization

        Interesting, I did not know that. Thanks for the link!

        1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

          Re: Enough with the capitalization

          Don't fret. It's likle one of those girly fads - it will burn itself out eventually.

  6. ShelLuser
    Big Brother

    All too funny..

    Because stories like these also seem to assume that every owner of an XBox or PS3 will automatically upgrade to "next-gen" and thus add to the workload. But the thing is; there are plenty of people who don't feel that way.

    I'm very happy with my PS3, when looking at games such as GTA V online I think it clearly shows that there's a lot possible. Heck; when looking at upcoming titles such as Watch_Dogs which are to be released for all consoles you'll see that there's a lot of still hidden potential.

    Right now I'll be a PS3 user for at least another year; because that's when Watch_Dogs is hopefully coming out and I pre-ordered a copy for my PS3 :-)

    Big Brother, because that's what watch_dogs is all about and I'm quite excited about what I've seen about the game so far!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Compared to other high bandwidth uses of the net, patches for consoles/games are pretty minor, torrents and usenet are probably the major hogs still, with youtube, netflix, iplayer and other video streaming a little way behind, a few million people downloading a gig or so every few weeks for their new game or console are nowhere to be seen vs a hundred million cat video watchers every single day.

    1. Zmodem

      you have steam and other shops, where you have to download 40gb instead of a bluray disc game, and steam is reaching out to linux, and you have next gen game shops

      youtube flix are 20mb flv files

  8. Adam 1 Silver badge

    Evidently what they need ...

    Evidently what they need to invent is a way to "seed" this "torrent" of data in a manner whereby customers could download parts of the data and then share it amongst each other rather than hammering a central server.

    Now we just need someone to invent such an idea.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: Evidently what they need ...

      PATENT IT!

    2. Ian Ringrose

      Re: Evidently what they need ...

      Torrents type systems do not work well, as most people upload bandwidth is so low. However a content distribution system would work well and is in fact often used for mass patching.

      1. Adam 1 Silver badge

        Re: Evidently what they need ...

        A lot of CDNs use P2P as a key ingredient.

        If you look at it another way, you can reduce the load on your CDN by nearly 10% by utilising the upload channel too.

  9. John Savard Silver badge

    Here I thought that this article was about the need to switch to IPv6 sooner rather than later.

    Instead, it seems to be that we should thank the PS4 and the Xbox One for making it more difficult for certain countries to follow the lead of the Great Firewall of China without slowing their Internet access to a crawl.

  10. Christian Berger Silver badge

    Ahh, companies that build equipment to break the Internet...

    claims that it's somehow better to buy their censorship/caching equipment than to invest in fibre technologies like wave length multiplexing and routers, or perhaps even re-thinking the way ISPs do business by making the network more grid like, with routers on the curb and peering points at every router.

    You can extend that idea to wireless networks, making every mains powered "mobile station" a routing node, helping to get traffic around. The Freifunk Communities do this for years now.

    1. P. Lee Silver badge

      Re: Ahh, companies that build equipment to break the Internet...

      More like, companies which do censoring have *their* products broken because *their* products don't scale.

      A top of the line Bluecoat does less than 700Mb/s, is ludicrously expensive and appears to be deliberately hobbled. With 24-core servers and blade systems from all major T1 providers, why are we looking at miserly appliances with some of the worst, unintuitive admin gui's which haven't changed much since the 90's?

      No sympathy for Bluecoat and their really flexible, but horrible, internet-breaking kit.

  11. i like crisps

    Anybody Know... much LECCY these units use, also how QUIET are they

    compared to the previous efforts?...couldn't be bothered Duck-

    Duck-Go-ing it...........don't 'Google it' any more.

  12. MJI Silver badge

    So they are useless then?

    They don't make anything usefull.

    Why should their kit get in the way of web usage?

    1. Zmodem

      Re: So they are useless then?

      the world is connected by gigabit fibre pipes under the ocean, and most companies do not have country download location mirrors that work like gamershell

  13. Stephen Channell

    caching proxy server vendor points to the need for caching proxy servers

    How very public spirited of them. I'm surprises they didn't mention that all the ISP with caching proxies will be fine and may even help the other ISPs that don't record your clickstream by reducing traffic

  14. codeusirae

    Use a torrent ..

    ""It's great for the backbone people to say how well they did, but many of the problems we've seen were at the outer edges of the network - the broadcasters themselves or (more often) the corporate and consumer Wi-Fi networks,""

    Scatter torrent servers at the edge of the backbone ...

  15. fishman


    Compared to streaming a HD movie, a 500MB download is nothing.

    1. Zmodem

      Re: Sizes

      but games next gen consoles will have in their shops will have a download size of upto 40gb, they all bigger textures, more maps, more audio, more polygons on models just like modern PC games

      most people are to retarded to just buy it in a shop on a bluray disc

    2. codeusirae

      Re: Sizes

      Downloading the same 500mb one million times is a bit of a waste .. link

      1. Zmodem

        Re: Sizes

        games in shops for the PS4 and xbox, will have a download filesize of upto 40gb, like a bluray ISO, the file sizes of all textures, models, etc etc etc are all bigger and make the better graphics

        COD ghosts is 30gb download, games wont be your 1.4 gb anymore like on old conoles

  16. bigtimehustler

    This is clearly more rubbish than I have herad recently, is doing research and writing reports really this easy?You just state some bullshit backed but up bollocks? I mean, yes, it will add extra load, but then the trend has continually been towards more load anyway. I would say Youtube has added far more load than any games console or software update. Ultimately, things upgrade over time, as consumption increases. Clearly these guys think a certain part of time is going to stand still, while everything else moves forward. Numpties.

    1. Zmodem

      if there is 50 million people online all downloading 40gb for 30 hours, and all other traffic, the ocean pipes would probably become congested then packet scheduling kicks in, and every other website timesout in your browser

      1. Zmodem

        its why people use ip2country and redirect your download to your own countries download mirror location

        your download is not using the ocean pipes for no reason

        1. Zmodem

          the ocean pipes are owned by private companies and part of the broadband wholesale price, all telecoms will route their traffic as best as they can without using the pipes

          first the cables were for telegrams, in todays world they are fibre

  17. Down not across

    Maybe they're just worried that their kit might not keep up with the increased traffic throughput requirements :)

  18. Michael Habel Silver badge

    Funny I seem to recall that the XBONE update was more like a 1.2GB File. Made worse by the fact that there were no less then Two Download Versions that depended upon which Dashboard Version was pre-installed at the Factory. As if the clueless n00bs would take the time to remember to, check this before hand.

    And, them something like a Scroll Bar update to let ya know the XBONE was currently chewing though that Update... Oh wait I forgot there wasn't / isn't One, and then Microsoft sit there in wonder why everyones bricking their Failboxes!

    OTOH: I think the S0NY Update was only 500MB though...

  19. Truth4u

    all this patching is just silly

    if they cant ship a working console out of the box then they should just fuck off

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: all this patching is just silly

      By that definition you can tell all Operating Systems and actually most software vendors to fuck off because of the security updates and whatnot.

      1. Truth4u

        Re: all this patching is just silly

        it wouldnt need patching at all if not connected to the internet. now they force you to connect it to the internet even if you don't want to. So making you get a 500mb patch as well is like taking the rubber off before they stick it in. can and should have tested the software more before release. but you're so used to being shafted you've got the Stockholm syndrome.

        and you better pray that 500meg wasn't all security patches, which is exactly what you were implying in a futile attempt to refute me. if it was 500meg of security patches, well that's as large as the sum total of all linux security patches ever released.

        they might as well have shipped the consoles with a blank hard drive and let you download linux. it would have been smaller and quicker to install.

  20. lansalot


    You think the 500mb xb1 system update was bad?

    The Forza patch was 6gb.... thank feck for fibre or I wouldn't have gotten near the console for 24 hrs...

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