back to article What has the cloud ever done for me? Sysadmins tell all

You've heard all the hype about the cloud, you've listened to the debates. But what does it really mean for you and your organisation? Well, you can ask Trevor Pott and the sysadmins anything about the cloud, and discuss the issues and the technologies with your peers in a Reg Live Chat next week. Is cloud right for everyone …


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in my org

The cloud saves us a few minutes over our old template builds, but doesn't handle any corner cases (dmz, remote sites) so we still have to maintain and build those. Template/script mainentence used to take a few hours a month, now we have 4 full time cloud maintainers that do virtually no other project work. None of the absolute shit ERP software we buy from oracle even supports dynamic features that would justify a cloud...

At a development or web firm, clouds are great. Eventually vendors will sell burstable software for everyone to take advantage of it. But for us it's "keeping up with the Jones's" with a hugely negative ROI. And also a bunch of annoying kids telling me I have to change my whole way of thinking.

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