back to article NBN Co to test basement fibre for offices, apartments

NBN Co has announced a test designed to get it around one of the thornier roadblocks in its rollout, the handling of offices and apartments. The company rolling out some kind of national broadband network to Australia has announced that it will trial taking fibre as far as the basement or comms room of the building, and leave …


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  1. FlatEarther

    Ziggy the Seer

    I'm glad he knows what I want

  2. Francis Vaughan

    Re: Ziggy the Seer

    He probably does. Heck I want an Aston Martin. I doubt he is going to give me one of those either.

    There is a difference between: want, need, can afford. Its a bit like Christmas really.

    The NBN isn't free, getting the average taxpayer to subsidise your torrenting habits to the tune of a few thousand dollars each is lunacy. If I could personally pay a few thousand and get FTTH on top of an existing FTTN offering I would be very happy. I would love the bandwidth, and I use it for my work. Some of my clients would dearly love serious bandwidth too. I sincerely hope that the new NBN gets a serious business focus, and instead of running fibre out to the bogans so they can stream HD reality TV, we can get the SMEs up to speed. That is where FTTO is needed.

  3. Fluffy Bunny

    Re: Ziggy the Seer

    If you actually wanted it, you would be willing to pay for it.

    The pea-and-thimble trick the NBN represents, means that I am paying for you to get high-speed pirate movies, porn and who knows what else.

  4. Winkypop Silver badge

    He's not that stupid

    He's just working off a very short leash.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Denarius Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    think of the spies !

    they need immediate very high speed access to everything, everywhere, right now ! Look at how well we now get on with our near neighbours since ASIS did a Merkle on BBYO.

  7. freddyeggs

    Bloody Marvellous!

    Oh how bloody brilliant this crud government is, so fancy smancy office towers and high rise flats will effectively get fibre to the premises free, and they could afford to get it done themselves. While the BLOODY backbone of this country, the small businesses who employ over 5,000,000 will get crap twisted copper wire to an exchange with fibre. So basically the same crap internet they have now, and that dolt Mr bunny had the ABSOLUTE gall to say "Australia is open for business" Open for business my bloody ARSE!!!

  8. Roger Jenkins

    National Infrastructure

    Wouldn't you think that the Chairman of NBN would be aware that the NBN fibre roll out is/was more than about internet speed. It's about replacing Australia's telcommunications infrastructure to bring us into the 21st. century.

    It's about giving all Australia stable and high bandwidth telcomms. the fact that that also gives us faster internet (that actually pays for it) is a bonus. It's not possible to have high speed, high bandwidth telecomms. whilst still having any copper in the circuit at all.

    All this talk about the likes of, what a joke, requires shortening the copper even further than is so far proposed, so what's going to happen, they install and magically all of the nodes creep closer to the premises, or will we just install more nodes between the old ones. No way.

    If the idea is to replace the telecomms. infrastructure, then do so, no compromise. Forget band aid fixes that may appeal to the voters.

    So, in short, either replace the existing infrastructure or, do nothing. I'm sure our governement actually would prefer to do nothing, but, they made such a song and dance about NBN during the election campaign that they have to be seen to be doing something, all I am seeing is them pissing lots of money against the wall.

  9. Fluffy Bunny

    Re: National Infrastructure

    "... be aware that the NBN fibre roll out is/was more than about internet speed. It's about replacing Australia's telcommunications infrastructure to bring us into the 21st. century."

    Actually it was about tricking a bunch of gullible loons (the Australian voters) into voting for KRudd. It was his government that was "pissing lots of money against the wall". The new Government is trying to make sense of the abonination that NBN is.

  10. BlackKnight(markb)

    What benefit to australia is it to build FTTN network at the cost of billions when the fundamental issue of cut spliced, band aided copper in the last mile is where all the bloody problems are. as various FTTN supports have said a cut cable is a cut cable. with copper its easier to bandaid it together to get it running, with fibre, your left running a new cable. So why is fibre better in this case? You dont end up with 1000s of bandaid jobs adding line noise to an already crappy solution because its not feesible, they have to fix it properly. The cost of fixing broken cables has always been passed onto the bozo, that didn't dial before he started digging. so the so called increase maintanence cost is irrelevent because as always the case, its recovered.

    on top of that the dual ring design means when cables are cut, they can repatch people to the other ring while replacing the broken cable, allowing for minimal downtime and force to actually fix the problem.

  11. Fluffy Bunny

    The last mile isn't where the problems are. I could get 24Mbps over ADSL2+ if it only had to go 1 mile. No, the problem is the first 4 miles from the exchange. Replace that with fibre for 90% of users and they will have all the performance they need for the next 10 years. If the remaining 10% want more speed, then they can pay the premium for an extra mile of fibre. I don't want to pay for their luxuries.

  12. cracked

    A couple of points/thoughts:

    * - This sounds like a realistic assessment of what was always most likely to occur. If ten years is selected as being the foreseeable future, then it is reasonable to assume that life won't have altered too significantly - over such a short period - to be able to get away with Cat Videos arriving at less than 100mb per second, during that time.

    In ten years ... well, if it then looks like Cat Lovers want online relationships with fully realised, autonomous, virtual cats (rather than just watching the videos, or ... I don't know ... getting a real cat) then you can start digging up roads and laying more cable.

    * - Mal's promise, to get 97% of Australians connected at "fast speeds" (or however he has worded it) ... He's not counting access at work, in those calculations, is he?? Just a thought ...

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