back to article XBOX ONE ROUNDUP-of-the-ROUNDUPS: Everything YOU need to know

Microsoft’s Xbox One: it's a console so BIG, one games website found it needed five writers to tackle it. And the reviews are big too: waffletastic screeds of such length you wonder how few folk will read ‘em through and not simply scroll to the end for the reader comments. And that's before the thing goes on sale this Friday …


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  1. Zmodem

    the article title is all you need to read, along with all the tv adverts for its games still not using actual gamplay graphics or footage, and still with all the CGI rubbish

    1. Eradicate all BB entrants

      I think you confuse ....

      ..... the PS4 with the Xbox One. So far, and on satellite channels there are at least 2 per break, the only 'not in game footage' I have seen on an xbox advert is Ryse. All of the other use game footage. The only PS4 ad I have seen is pretty much an amalgamation of numerous titles in a semi live action advert which is pure CGI.

      1. Zmodem

        Re: I think you confuse ....

        but in the world of PC games, movies are just maps you play with a dedicated script to that is running animation

        1. Eradicate all BB entrants

          Re: I think you confuse ....

          There I was expecting to be proven wrong about Xbox CGI adverts, and you show me a Rage tech demo (which like me, anyone who bought the game knows that isn't the game engine, as half the screen isn't covered in glitches, tearing and the other half missing its texture map) and a demo for Unreal Engine 4 (which while I admit was awesome, Unreal Engine 3 looked damn good when it was demonstrated too).

          Your worst crime was making me think about Rage again, having played Id games since Wolfenstein 3D all those years ago I thought Doom 3 would be the game that disappointed me the most but then they released Rage, a £35 30GB download for something that wasn't even fit for beta. Shame on you sir.

          1. Zmodem

            Re: I think you confuse ....

            TV adverts to advertise games are using 1990s CGI for its animation and at the bottom of the screen in small text, it will say "not actual gameplay footage", because it is all rendered in lightwave or maya etc

            any game advert on a PS4 or xbox one, should be made using machinima, then they can have "actual gameplay footage" at the bottom

            1. Zmodem

              Re: I think you confuse ....

              still using CGI, is a sign of bad graphics and they are not upto standard, or a slow FPS engine, or both

              1. Eradicate all BB entrants

                Re: I think you confuse ....

                Forza 5 adverts do have 'Actual gameplay footage'. One common thing I have found throughout many years of gaming, irregardless of your platform of choice is that everyone agrees the worst culprits ever are the Final Fantasy series

                1. Zmodem

                  Re: I think you confuse ....

                  forza 5 stepped up and has it, because they need to because need for speed uses the battlefield 3 engine, and was able to

                  forza 5 looks good enough on the xbox 360, the only real reason to get a next gen console, is for bigger and better looking maps

    2. Allison Park

      always order early

      I ordered one back in June when Amazon started selling it. Just sold it on ebay for a nice $300 profit and all I had to do is redirect the shipping to the person who bought it on ebay. Easy money

  2. GregC

    1.3 Gb day one patch!?!

    It's become a standing joke around our office that every new bit of kit seems to require a day one patch these days, but 1.3Gb? Seriously? Is it a whole new OS or something?

    On my "broad"band I'd be about a day waiting for that sucker to download.

    Only yesterday I was having a heated discussion with someone about the whole "fuck it, publish - we can always patch it later" mentality that's everywhere now. Drives me mad.

    1. regadpellagru

      Re: 1.3 Gb day one patch!?!

      If you think 1.3 GB is big, then have a Wii U. Interesting Christmas I spent last year ...

      Bloody DHCP wouldn't work (Error X: of course with no explanation) with WPA2 activated as my setup dictates. Had to fall back to ... no security, for it to work. Big N QA (if this thing exists) apparently assumed everyone would either use fixed IP or no security at all ...

      Tons of posts on this issue, with people with no clue hilariously issuing this kind of workaround:

      Then, the 5GB image took a lot of time:

      Then only would DHCP work with WPA2.

      How the heck can you screw up a DHCP client, even in a rushed launch ???

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 1.3 Gb day one patch!?!

      It pretty much is a whole new OS, seeing as they had to remove all the always-on DRM crap after the PR disaster it caused.

    3. Bob Camp

      Re: 1.3 Gb day one patch!?!

      They had to launch in time for Christmas, but testing found a whole bunch of bugs. The program manager said, "Wow! We need to stop and fix all these bugs before we launch! We'll postpone the launch for at least two or three months."

      Ha! We all know what happened. The schedule slipped so far to the right that testing was abandoned, the developers knew the box still couldn't do some basic tasks correctly, and the program manager shipped it anyway.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 1.3 Gb day one patch!?!

      the 300Mb PS4 patch was called Gigantic by The Register, guess they ran out of words to describe patches for the bloated OS mess than the Xbone needs...

      There is also no mention of critical missing stuff, like lack of iPlayer, 4OD and other UK catchup services on the Xbox One, or that the vast majority of services and features are US-only., or nothing to like the game streaming twitch functionality of the PS4 (or the Gaikai PS3/PS2 game streaming).

      Did I mention the underpowered, struggle to achieve 720p60, the external power brick, the £100 extra pricetag and the abysmal track record of Xbox reliability.

      Guessing that's why pre-orders have tanked and microsoft are poking the media in a frenzy to try and stir up some interest.

      1. Knives&Faux

        Re: 1.3 Gb day one patch!?!

        Wow so much misinformation in one post, let me guess you don't own a Xbox one.

        Why do you even post as EVERYTHING you mention is complete bollocks.

    5. 404 Silver badge

      Re: 1.3 Gb day one patch!?!

      Utterly ridiculous!

      Would need to take the damn thing 20 miles away for an unmetered broadband connection - my satellite limits me to 15GB a month at the house. Ok sure I have a 12am-5am unlimited download 'zone' but dayum... what a pain.


    6. dan1980

      Re: 1.3 Gb day one patch!?!


      Fuck off, Microsoft. FUCK RIGHT OFF.

      I wish they'd get out into the real world and realise that 1.3GB is actually quite large. My location limits me to ADSL1 - care to guess how long that will take?

  3. Eradicate all BB entrants

    Meh, just as long as ...

    ...... it lets me play Forza 5 without any issues I will gladly wait for the rest. As I get accused of being an MS fanboy I used to love Gran Turismo, it was the reason I bought a PS1 and 2, but in the end the license crap at the start of the game just removed the fun aspect of the game (Games are supposed to be fun aren't they?). Tried Forza 3 and bought a 360 on the back of it. For me it has the perfect balance between arcade and sim and an awesome community.

    So for some of us, there is one must have title that requires a day one purchase.

    1. Goat Jam

      Re: Meh, just as long as ...

      " Meh, just as long as it lets me play Forza 5 without any issues I will gladly wait for the rest."

      These corporate shysters must love it that they have people like you as customers.

      People who expect the products they purchase to work properly are just so irritating.

    2. Yesnomaybe

      Re: Meh, just as long as ...

      Halo. 'Nuff said.

  4. lglethal Silver badge

    Finally a sensible review

    This is why I come to El reg. A sensible review that isnt full of waffle.

    Cheers. Have a pint on me!

    1. Steve Brooks

      Re: Finally a sensible review

      Agreed, I read one review last week in a local rag that was practically doing loop the loops because it was so wonderful, the reason? It had Blue Ray player, I thought WTF?

  5. James 51 Silver badge

    No usb media playback is just stupid. Having a usb stick with a few movies for the kids in them is a big thing for me (wi-fi interference makes wireless streaming unreliable).

    1. Dabooka Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Totally agree

      A 16gb stick loaded with various Shreks (and Disney rubbish) and a splattering of Ben and Hollie / Peppa Pig is a God send in our place, it's nearly always found prodding out the front of the PS3.

      As long as you remember to press triangle first....

    2. DrXym Silver badge

      I expect Microsoft and Sony are both in the same boat. They had a hard deadline to meet and so all the nice to have stuff fell by the wayside. I expect that subsequent updates will bring in a lot of functionality absent at launch.

    3. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Semtex451 Silver badge

    Say What?

    Are you saying you need to unhook Kinect in order to use the controller in menus?

    1. jason 7

      Re: Say What?

      @drxym Yeah really the full reviews for the PS4 and One should come out in May 2014 which by then both systems should be pretty much as intended from day one.

      Also why I never buy a new console for 6 months.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bad article. A true half ass attempt at reporting something.

    1. Dabooka Silver badge

      Is it just me then?

      As I took that to be the whole point of it?

    2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      > 2013

      > The release of another cobbled-together entertainment machine that is only viable through "ubiquitous broadband" meant to take over "your world" via orgasmic squirts of color and smiling people invading your living room while tripping on ketamines is "something"

      > My Face When

  8. SirDigalot

    large downloads?

    no problem!

    needing to download them all the damn time


    pausing downloads while playing

    even worse (steam I am looking at you!)

    another bloody great box in the entertainment center which I really would prefer not to have anyway because it takes up so much space

    bloody stupid

    I wonder if I could glue it to the back of the TV or something

    incompatibility with previous stuff

    well not gonna buy it, at least maybe give a swapsie credit or something,

    found my old master system the other day had a blast and actually felt relaxed after playing a game!

    I am old.....get off my lawn!

    1. PaulR79

      Steam downloads pausing

      Steam pauses the download for good reason. If you have a fast connection and a slow drive (5400rpm) it is painful. I can download at close to 8MB/s from my VM connection and that's pretty much 100% disk activity. I didn't realise how bad it would be until I tried to do, well, anything. If you have a faster drive you can force it to resume the downloads while you're playing. I always wondered why it paused downloads before I got this laptop..

      Not that I imagine many / anyone will care but the laptop itself is a very good spec but has a 1TB drive which is on the budget / slow side.

      1. Goat Jam

        Re: Steam downloads pausing

        "Steam pauses the download for good reason"

        You can alt-tab out of a game and restart Steam downloads. I do this all the time and I have never had an issue*.

        I also have Windows on a slow 5400 RPM drive.

        My Internet speed does suck though which is why I need to do the alt-tab shuffle in the first place, otherwise my downloads would *never* finish due to the fact that I only boot Windows to play a game in Steam and don't have any Steam "idle time" in which it can perform the endless numbers of updates it wants to do.

        * you don't want to do this while playing OMP with something like TF2 for obvious reasons.

  9. DrXym Silver badge

    A 1.3 GB download

    That's going to be a wonderful surprise for kids on Christmas day. It may be a good idea to set aside several hours to update it beforehand rather than on the day.

    1. Ian 55

      Re: A 1.3 GB download

      Every parent tests out the good stuff before giving it to the kids, don't they?

      I know I didn't get to open the slot car racing set I was given in the sixties - it had been set up by Santa. Similarly, the tablet the daughter got for a combined birthday/xmas present was thoroughly soak tested before the big day, just to make sure it worked properly.

      1. bytejunkie

        Re: A 1.3 GB download

        my dad was already addicted to Elite before i got my first commodore. he did put it down long enough to type in one of them downward scrolling racecar games though. fair play to him, unboxing and then boxing it back up every night!!!!

    2. Zmodem

      Re: A 1.3 GB download

      1.3gb takes 1 hour 20 mins, on tmobile 3g when its running at 600kbs

      1. Kane Silver badge

        Re: A 1.3 GB download @ Zmodem

        1 - What time of day?

        2 - How many concurrent users happen to be online in the same household at the same time?

        3 - How many concurrent users connected to the local exchange at the same time?

        4 - What location? (Cities tend to get higher/faster bandwidth than rural areas)

        Then I re-read your post: "on tmobile 3g".

        5 - Why would I connect a games console to a mobile broadband device to download a day 1 patch?

      2. Andy Parker 1

        Re: A 1.3 GB download

        > 1.3gb takes 1 hour 20 mins, on tmobile 3g when its running at 600kbs

        1.3 GB over a 600 kbit link in 80 minutes?! I assume your shift key is knackered :-)

        1. Zmodem

          Re: A 1.3 GB download

          you download at 400-500 kbs most of the day on your cell phone, at 3 am, it can go upto 700 and be using the 3g 7.2 or 8 mbs connection at full in the uk

          if you are over your bandwidth limit you will have 20kbs most of the evening

          kbs is actual download speed that is being displayed on your download box, not the connection speed

          i dont do the KBs kBs

    3. Goat Jam

      Re: A 1.3 GB download

      "That's going to be a wonderful surprise for kids on Christmas day. It may be a good idea to set aside several hours to update it beforehand rather than on the day."

      Yes. It's the 21st Century version of the Christmas day "What do you mean we don't have any batteries dad?" fiasco.

      1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

        Re: A 1.3 GB download

        Tell your kids to go play outside.

  10. Paul Shirley

    PS4 and Xbox180 nearly identical

    What struck me after reading an Xbone review straight after a PS4 review was how indistinguishable they are. The reviews could almost have just switched Xbox and PS4 and remained 90%+ accurate. In particular the PS4 was being described as a media centre, in a way that should frighten the life out of Microsoft. All without Sony pimping that aspect relentlessly.

    What's missing from the Reg roundup is, as predicted the media functions aren't well supported outside the US with even iPlayer support missing at launch and relying on HDMI passthrough means around 50% of UK homes can't actually use it - too many of us have integrated DTV decoders and Xbox expects offboard boxes. Also that Kinect is seriously improved but still falls apart in typical UK living rooms.

    My roundup would be: they're both the same device but you'd better be in N America if buying for the media functions, at least for the next 6months.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: PS4 and Xbox180 nearly identical

      PS4 has iPlayer at launch just fine thanks.

      It took Microsoft 4 years to get iPlayer on Xbox360, don't expect anything to happen in 6 months. As far as Microsoft are concerned, the US market is the only market that matters.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: It took Microsoft 4 years to get iPlayer on Xbox360

        But they've got the licensing sorted out now, so it's unlikely to take as long this time. But don't let that stop the ridiculously obvious anonymous fanboy bs.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    For people who like games that have visual artistry and brilliant gameplay mechanics.

    Super Mario 3D World gets 10/10 on eurogamer

    Edge Magazine also had his to say:

    "This is Mario like you’ve never seen him before, and unlike so many of his next-gen rivals, he nips along at an effortless 60fps. If the true measure of new hardware’s worth is how stark the difference is between it and what came before, then this is the most next-gen game that 2013 has yet produced."

    1. Greg J Preece

      Re: Meanwhile...

      For people who like games that have visual artistry and brilliant gameplay mechanics.

      ...There's the indie games on the PSN store?

      I was wondering when the inevitable "get a Wii U instead" comments would appear. Hey, are half the top ten sellers on that console still release titles? Yeah, thanks, but I'll go with one of the ones with games outside of Nintendo's very limited pool of here-we-go-again gaming.

      1. Bladeforce

        Re: Meanwhile...

        ah yes the here we go again gaming doesnt exist on xbone or PS4 does it now.....Halo, Call of Duty, Gods of War not repetitive at all

        1. Greg J Preece

          Re: Meanwhile...

          ah yes the here we go again gaming doesnt exist on xbone or PS4 does it now.....Halo, Call of Duty, Gods of War not repetitive at all

          At least there's a choice. Don't like those games? Go play others. On Nintendo there are very few games outside the Ninty fold that are capable of making money or worth a damn in the first place.


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