back to article China bets the house on LTE TDD

Swedish telecoms kit maker Ericsson has scored something of a coup by landing a deal with China Mobile to deploy LTE TDD, the variant of the LTE standard favoured in China, to 15 Chinese provinces that house 63 per cent of the nation's population. China Mobile's decision to go with LTE TDD on such a wide scale is significant …


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Gives the standard momentum??

China Mobile CREATED the standard, so it was never in question that it was going to have the largest mobile network in the world backing it.

It would be news if other countries decided to use it too, but otherwise this is like reporting that Apple has decided to use iOS 8 as the operating system for the iPhone 6.


Re: Gives the standard momentum??

If other countries decided to use it too? You mean like the UK? You're looking for the unpaired 2.6Ghz slot in the recent 4G Auctions.

I find TDD intriguing, I just hope it's efficiency compares well against FDD when links are loaded and that upload doesn't become too much of a second class citizen.

Anonymous Coward

This story makes it sound like E// is ahead of the competition in Evolved Packet Core in China. Whereas Alcatel-Lucent is ahead, according to an easy-to-find google search:

"Telecom manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent announced Thursday that it will supply IP Evolved Packet Core (EPC) in support of China Mobile's 4G LTE network.

The company said in a statement that awarded 24 percent of China Mobile's overall EPC network, it has become the primary EPC supplier for the Chinese telecom operator's 4G LTE network, which is set to be the largest of its kind in the world.


Could it be that teh E// story has been submitted/spun direct from the E// PR department?

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