back to article Profits ONTAP? Not exactly, but storage giant NetApp can exhale now

Whew, that was close: NetApp grew its second quarter revenues by a whisker but bumped up profits nicely as customers continued to buy its gear. Revenues for the second fiscal 2014 quarter, ended 25 October, grew just 1 per cent over the year to $1.55bn. That was a small increase from the first quarter total of $1.52bn, 2.2 per …


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...with more modern architectures that often target NetApp deployments (ONTAP is more than 15 years old).

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Oh dear, so it is. Almost as old as Linux, which appeared in 1991. All those "modern architecture" systems based on a 1991 Linux. Or BSD based systems; BSD is (gasp!) even older!

Yes, I understand that analysts have to say something, especially when they're not sure about the business or the technology or the economic outlook. But it would really help if their opinion was based on a more meaningful analysis. ONTAP 8 is a modern clustered scale out system quite unlike anything else on the market. Mr Blair, please try again.

(Standard NetApp employee disclosure)

Anonymous Coward

NetApp as a software vendor

NetApp as a software vendor is a bit of a scary propsect.

Data ONTAP is a good system but not very admin-friendly. Clustered ONTAP has a good UI but still requires a lot of specialised knowledge to make it work well. The rest of the NetApp software product line is clunky and poorly integrated.

I'd love to see NetApp software products which work as well as ONTAP does and actually work well together. But this doesn't seem like an easy path for them to follow. As a company they seem to prioritise adding "check box" features over making software that is well suited for the task at hand.


Re: NetApp as a software vendor

"NetApp as a software vendor is a bit of a scary propsect."

No, the comment was "storage software company"

Integrated? Are you comparing say EMC's generic EMC's Recoverpoint with SnapManager tools?

NetApp leads the market when it comes to integrating O.S. and applications to storage - bar none.

And NetApp does not force you to upgrade (read rip and replace) every system to use the latest management tools.

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