back to article Amazon seeds cloud with apps that flow to streams

Amazon Web Services (AWS') big day it ats re:Invent cloud shindig in fabulous Las Vegas may have been headlined by its disruptive entry into the desktop virtualisation market, but the company also announced a new tributary to its cloudy river in the form of the new AppStream service. Here's how it works. You build and app and …


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"big day it ats re:Invent cloud"

Pretty much as incoherent as the rest of the cloud twaddle.

Anonymous Coward

".....sending frames of the app to the mobile device instead of just having a bit of data flying around in the background is a new-ish take on things."

This is not a new idea. Remember NC?

"......There's a bit of stop us if you've heard this one before about AppStream, especially if you worked with terminals or some flavours of client server that saw whole screens despatched to endpoint devices."

Some interactive desktop sharing apps do this.

The only addition is that nVidia's GPUs are doing the lift-up behind the scene.


I think you meant NX?

But otherwise agreed. GPU accelerated VDI/server isn't new either.

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