back to article Turnbull touts construction resumption in YouTube vid

The ongoing game of trying to divine Malcolm Turnbull's intentions for Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) by noting the differing language he uses on the few occasions he discusses the project continues, after Australia's minister posted a YouTube video in which he denies suggestions he's been trying to kill …


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If the man had a backbone and fibre, he'd see the light...

...and admit the original NBN is the only sensible long-term outcome.

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Re: If the man had a backbone and fibre, he'd see the light...

> ...and admit the original NBN is the only sensible long-term outcome.

The FTTP part of the plan is okay, but Google Fibre is a technically a better solution.

The pricing model of Labor's NBN would have turned the country into an internet backwater. 50% at 12Mbps and in 2028 still less than 5% connected at 1Gbps.


So the agreement with Telstra is coming when, exactly?

Whatever work is going on towards FTTN is presumably within the limits of the existing agreements between NBNCo and Telstra, which is to say using their ducts to run fibre (and now power, yes?) to cabinet sites, once those cabinet sites are chosen. Which is fine, until it comes time to trace, test and possibly remediate that last leg copper that David Thodey reckons is good for another hundred years... who knows, maybe he was thinking it could last another hundred years just satisfying the Universal Service Obligation. Dial-up modem, anyone?

The Coalition having waxed so very insistently on how FTTN was the only sensible approach for Australia (that is, after four years of variously insisting that it was unnecessary, that 4G wireless would make the NBN obsolete, and that the money could be better spent on flood relief or proper manly infrastructure like roads), what are the chances that Telstra will play hardball and shift a large part of the unknown cost of copper tracing, testing and remediation back onto NBNCo, while retaining actual ownership of the last leg copper? Pretty good, I'd say.

FTTN might as well stand for "Feed Telstra The NBN".


Just build the thing already!!!!

Less talking more doing! Aussie politicians all a bunch of useless windbags!

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It doesn't matter if Telstra play hardball, the merry go round paid for by the public purse will persist until the network is ready (never)

No matter how it pans out:

1. Lawyers (Eg. this Barrister's 'mates') get to rewrite contracts ($$$)

2. Business buddies get to charge what they like, once the infrastructure that the taxpayer has built comes online

3. Big business buddies (like Brains, aka Ziggy) get to shore up regulation that cements their position and drives consumer dollars to their overflowing troughs

When Mal thinks it is cool that he's installed a DSL MUX for every 'customer', it'll only be 10% of what they want (100-200Mbps). By that point, all the opportunity to deliver simple fibre communications at a low maintenance, reasonable price will be gone as everyone was paid to do the work in the ground. Telstra will still be there demanding $$$ to maintain copper above and below ground, in the premises, in the exchanges, in the overseas call centres... and all kinds of ridiculous other legacy crap systems and fud that they will still be keeping to guarantee a retirement income.

More of the same. the NBN under Labor wasn't perfect but it was at least an upgrade- instead of a legacy system update!

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Brains: "...the NBN has just passed Uranus, Sir"

Commander Mal "That's great Brains, did they see any sunlight up there?"

Brains: "No Sir, the scouting party didn't make it back. It appears that the gases poisoned the asbestos removal team, they're in the sick bay now, dying"

Commander Mal "Send in the installation crew, we need this thing rolled out quick and dirty... and ask them to keep an eye open for any light- we must know if they can see the sun up there somewhere!"


Notable Broadband NOnets

Malcoms NBN

Love the copper bit

however this is to be read first to make it all in perspective.

Malcoms Broadband is just a free money trip for his mates

Point 1 The new NBN Board is really Telstra 2 with ex Telstra hierarchy

Point 2 The copper network is in a very poor state needing lots of money spent on it to bring it up to a reasonable standard to carry the traffic it is supposed to.

point 3 The new hybrid NBN is a mix n match or better termed missmatch of old technologies to give the impression of broadband. Reality is a broken system that always needs money spent on it. Bankroll all Mals mates into high salaries and consultants fees until it blows up as a broken bankroll for a few.

The original NBN was to be a completely new delivery system to take us well into the 20th and even 21st century.

Pressure must be kept on turnbull to deliver what is expected. The furfey about cost is a smokescreen for getting mals mates into the key positions that will deliver a poor broadband system at an unrealistly high cost.

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