back to article Hey, Presto! Facebook spills petabyte-munching SQL brain sauce online

Facebook has come through on its promise to publish its Hive-beating "Presto" analysis software as open source. The code was made available by the social network today under the Apache v2 license, giving developers access to an ANSI-SQL compatible data query and analysis engine that is faster than Apache Hive, and competes …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    An order of magnitude faster than Hive? So are Impala, Stinger and Spark/Shark. Spark/Shark in particular come with a few more perks - mainly being capable of running entirely in memory where possible. Presto's going to have to have a bit more going for it than "faster than Hive" if it wants to get some traction - it's a very congested market out there.

  2. Justin Stringfellow

    spot the yum jockey

    "it is still a somewhat manual process to unpack and install, but I was able to do so within 12 minutes on a few boxes.."


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    '... it has "pluggable backends"...'

    Must not make childish comment

  4. btrower

    Good for them

    This is a Good Thing (TM). Zuckerberg and Company may or may not be 'good guys', but they should get credit when they do a good thing. They sure get slammed when they do something bad.

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