back to article Anon hacktivists tear through Philippines govt in web graffiti rampage

Government websites were defaced in the Philippines by hackers who claim affiliation with Anonymous amid a protest against alleged corruption. The vandals hijacked sites on Sunday with a message that attempted to rally support for a demonstration against lawmakers' alleged misuse of public money, and demanded the abolition of …


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"....To mark the Fifth of November - Guy Fawkes' Day in England - Anonymous is promoting street protests in the US, Philippines and many locations elsewhere under the rallying callhashtag ‬MillionMaskMarch." Should have called it the MillionthOfAPercentMaskMarch, the turn out was so low in London they were out-numbered by coppers. Where were the rest of the "99%"?

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Cloud ??

I'm unclear as to what the article has to do with could computing. Do the Phils use a cloud provider for their Govt websites ? Did Anon use a cloud provider to attack the sites ?

If you ask a cloud provider about their security the standard response is "use encryption". Why is that ? Its because they typically don't want to be responsible for the security of your information...They would rather you do that. A bit like leaving your dog at a kennel with a sign out the front that says "Owners leave their dogs here at their own risk".

I was expecting the article to reveal a little more about the attack, patching policies, government response, etc.

Oh well.

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