back to article Watchdog FCC gets new overlord ... so, how about that net neutrality, eh?

The new head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has formally relaxed into his office chair. The watchdog said Tom Wheeler was sworn in as director, and will now appoint his staff. Among the new faces set to take over at the telecoms regulator are chief of staff Ruth Milkman, and counselors Philip Verveer, Gigi B. …


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The FCC, like most of the US watchdog agencies, have been gutted over the decades and they are practically useless for anything other than going after small time violators who don't have a lot of money.


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Worse than that -- actively destructive.

"A former lobbyist for the wireless comms trade body CTIA"

How can anyone take these guys seriously as 'public servants'. They do not serve us. They serve entirely different masters.

As for governance of the Internet. Tell them to go fuck themselves. Except, perhaps, to prevent people from interfering with traffic in their geographic jurisdiction (hint: not the entirety of Planet Earth), they have no business telling anybody what to do.

We need to wrest control of DNS and PKI from their hands and put in place physical infrastructure and air-tight legislation to make it nearly impossible to break into systems, create treacherous systems (with stuff like Clipper) and illegal to make any use of things if you do.

We are very near a turning point in the next half-century that has the potential to be either heaven or hell. Let's make sure they don't force the latter on us.

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Fox - henhouse

Nothing more needs to be said.


@earl grey:

Upvote for you. I wish I had put it that way first. You are right. That captures it perfectly.

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