back to article Sources: Azzurri coughs £1m to end O2 call centre spat

Azzurri has settled a seven-figure dispute with O2 after a financial spat erupted over a Glasgow call centre it runs on behalf of the telco, well-placed sources have told The Channel. Under the multi-year outsourcing agreement, Azzurri - an O2 Centre of Excellence partner - was paid a fee to run a support desk for O2's small …


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Anonymous Coward

outsourcer fails?!

This can not be! Outsourcing was supposed to be a magic bullet where EVERYBODY would save / make money: the client, the outsourcer, the client's punters, the outsourcer's workforce...


what do you expect from a company that considers customer service an optional extra?

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Cannot say I'm surprised

Azzurri were why, a year ago, O2 offered to allow me to take my small business account elsewhere.

I have rafts of contradictory emails from Azzurri - from the same person even, which proved they were out-and-out lying to me.

In the end, a senior manager within O2 offered me three new handsets of my choice (iPhone 5's in the end) plus cut the account cost by 50%, and gave me a boost-box if I'd sign to another 24 month contract on the pomise that they (O2) would take the support of my contract on in its entirety and should they try to shift it back to Azzurri the contract would become null and void again.

The information I was provided was that O2 themselves had underestimated the uptake of iPhones, hence the need to ship some of their support to Azzurri.

Unfortunately there was no warning or choice at the time - the first I knew was when I received an email from or some such vaguely connected email address explaining that he was now my account manager. I very nearly wrote it off as a phishing email.

On the whole, I've always been reasonably happy with O2 and when things have occassionally gone wrong, when it was O2 I dealt (or now deal) with, it was generally settled quickly and well.

My account manager at Azzurri was asking a simple question of his manager(s) for almost 6 months.

Hopefully, O2 will have learned a lesson and will endeavour to keep their support (at least business) in-house.

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