back to article Inside OpenStack: Gifted, troubled project that wants to clobber Amazon

OpenStack is just like a precocious child – the open-source data center management and service layer keeps on doing terrifically clever things, while infuriating everyone that deals with it. As the open-source cloud control freak's summit unfolds this week in Hong Kong, we decided to take a look at the progress of the …


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all I need to know

about open stack is Red hat still hasn't manged to get a stable release of their product out yet. Also it appears they gave up on their original plans to go with Folsum, and now are working on Grizzly. The way it seemed to be pitched to potential customers last year I thought they'd have a non beta product 6+ months ago. But checking again today it's still beta, for non production, no pricing and no obvious release date noted for a non beta release. That tells me a lot right there. The other point is Rackspace (earlier in the year) abandoning their original willingness to support "any" open stack system out there.

Not that I care too much either way, I'm not in the market for anything open stack related. But it is interesting to see all of the hype around it, along with articles like this(and others) that talk about the realities of the current state of open stack.

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