back to article For its next trick, Inktank tries to pull golden rabbit from Ceph hat

You'd think being a core part of Linux would be a good thing for a filesystem, but if you want to make any money off it, things get tricky. To get round this problem, the company behind the Ceph filesystem, Inktank, announced today that it hopes to bag cash from the distributed object-storage technology by offering support, …


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It sounds like a plan.

All the peripheral elements that business need (and care) about

What I wonder is how many other Linux infrastructure companies have gone with this model (Ubunto springs to mind but it's obvious there must be more) and how many have made it pay.

I guess the devils in the details. Those back office systems may seem a dull task, but on a large scale they bring in all the issues of concurrency, consistency and reliability of a Big Data or even a real time system.

(Cautious) Thumbs up for them.

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